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fileA Decade of Lattice Cryptography.pdf2023-05-29 17:55703 KB
fileAbe M., Okamoto T. - A Signature Scheme with Message Recovery as Secure as Discrete Logarithm.pdf2023-05-29 17:55182 KB
fileAbe-Okamoto signature scheme.pdf2023-05-29 17:5588 KB
fileBaqer K., Distributed Payment Systems.pdf2023-05-29 17:552432 KB
fileDiscovery and Verification of Neighbor Positions in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.pdf2023-05-29 17:553934 KB
fileElliptic Curve Cryptography.pdf2023-05-29 17:55514 KB
fileFredriksson B., A case study in smartcard security - Analysing Mifare Classic.pdf2023-05-29 17:55672 KB
fileFredriksson B., A Distributed Public Key Infrastructure for the Web Backed by a Blockchain.pdf2023-05-29 17:552359 KB
fileFredriksson B., Lundberg E., The Monk Problem.pdf2023-05-29 17:551128 KB
fileIt Makes no Difference Whether or Not I Do It.pdf2023-05-29 17:552572 KB
fileMandelbrot.html2023-05-29 17:550 KB
fileRIO reference manual.pdf2023-05-29 17:55812 KB
fileSHA-256.pdf2023-05-29 17:5585 KB
fileStehlé D., Steinfeld R. - Making NTRU as Secure as Worst-Case Problems over Ideal Lattices.pdf2023-05-29 17:55429 KB
fileWijaya D. A., Anonymity in Bitcoin.pdf2023-05-29 17:552011 KB
fileww2.html2023-05-29 17:550 KB