Helix PBX

This is a ugly website about Helix PBX.

Helix PBX is a telephony exchange powered by Asterisk for calls over SIP and GSM.

Get connected

If you want to make calls you need to have an account. Please apply for a subscription by mailing your preferred credentials (e.g using Xorpad with "realiserad" as recipient if you don't want to send your password in plaintext).


Please take a look in subscribers.txt in case you have a dangling pointer.


You need a SIP client which supports SRTP and TLS. Below is a list of software for different platforms (they're all tested and I know they work).

Platform Software Recommended
Windows Jitsi
Windows MicroSIP YES (conf)
OS X Jitsi
Linux Jitsi
Android (phone) Bria YES

Use the following settings:
Username: <username>
Password: <password>
Server: helix.stormhub.org
Protocol: TLS
Port: 5061
Use SRTP: Mandatory

In the pipe

✗ Some kind of operator message when a user is offline. Asterisk will just hang up the call atm which is pretty confusing. (fixed 2015-02-10)
✗ Encryption using SRTP and TLS. (fixed 2015-02-25)


All network operator services are preceded by asterisk *. The following extensions are dialable:

*1984 -- Jenny Lane singing Firework. I had the Katy Perry original at first, but the acoustic version sounds better over SIP.
*1970 -- UNIX Time service (Fröken Ur)


The operator messages were created using eSpeak and Ivona. If you want to download them, go ahead. They're available in the trunk.

GSM Gateways

The following numbers belong to Helix:

+46 76 089 72 60 -- Messier (available)
+46 76 298 02 31 -- Deep Sky (not available)